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Designing a Lasting World Peace:
To Whom This Might Concern.

Since time immemorial people have wished for a lasting Peace. The reason that no lasting world Peace has, as yet, manifested on Earth is that we all wish for a different kind of a Peace. Naturally enough--we all go to a war again to resolve our differences on a battlefield, because the differences in our visions of what the state of Peace on Earth should be differ; sometimes our visions are even very contrary to each other.

It is first necessary to unify, to harmonize all the individual notions of what a world Peace should be into one coherent vision by using what-so-ever non-violent means available, and then (and only then) it would be possible to start creating this unified vision in our collective reality. If this unification, this harmonizing of all the various individual visions doesn't occur first, then we will continue to reconcile our differences in real life, causing real damage.
We, collectively, whether we like each other, or not, have to agree on what kind of a future we, collectively, want to have.

If you agree with the foregoing, and are interested in co-operating (in any kind of capacity) on developing the means by which this unified, harmonized vision of what a real world Peace could be achieved, please visit to read more about the idea.

If you think that there are any flaws in the idea, any mistakes that I am making, I would very much appreciate that you would let me know, please!

May all differences, all controversies, and all conflicts resolve harmlessly in meditations, prayers, models--using what-so-ever wholesome and expedient means--into the benefit to all beings, starting with all beings that there are here and now in this world! May there be no beings that would not benefit optimally!

Thank you, sincerely -
Mr. Jan Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org

If we, the people, were really sincere about having real Peace in the world, we would spend more on actively creating Peace using peaceful means than what we spend on the military!

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