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Aloha 'Aina and Intellectual Property.

In the olden "precontact" days, people in the islands were at home, and their culture was an organic whole with their home, with their 'aina. Ever since the 'aina was taken out the the organic whole, a host of problems arose. People were suddenly left with a culture that had its base taken away from beneath it. The culture is not the same without an unhindered access to the 'aina.
Any efforts these days to revive the island culture will inevitably, ultimately fail, unless "aloha aina" concept is again thouroughly, organically incorporated into the island culture, or indeed any other culture, anywhere, any time.
It doesn't matter to the 'aina (by any other name) who it is that lives in harmony with the 'aina, whether human, or not.

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