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Our Troubled Science:
Why We Are Descending into Dark Ages.

There is a growing sense of unease among the science community caused by the growing support of the general public for the various forms of fundamentalism, creationism, and the increasing power of religions generally. There seems to be a controversy between science and religion that is, to many scientists, incomprehensible; how can anyone not understand the very clearly presented findings of science? Why should a religion not founded on rationality have any attraction at all to anyone? The answer could perhaps be that science is not as useful to humanity as scientists would like us to believe.
Why should our sciences fail us? The main reason could be that for the ordinary people whatever solace a religion can provide is easier obtainable than what science have to offer. What science can offer might be brilliant and a subject to clear reason, but, even more so, the fruits of science are increasingly becoming a commodity, and increasingly inaccessible to ordinary mortals.
While most people in the world live in substandard conditions, scientists, with some debatable exceptions,spend their energy on projects that, to most humanity, must seem trivial. Should science regain any useful standing in the society, scientists would have to curtail doing whatever it is that they are busy with at the moment and seriously use their knowledge to address the most pressing problems that we, as the whole society, are experiencing. And not only superficially, but they would have to strive for fundamental cures, such that would do away with the problems that have been with humanity for almost forever, but that don't have to exist at all--wars, poverty, humans devastating the Earth.
Unless the scientists start actively cooperating together on solving humankind's and the Earth's dire problems soon, there is the danger of science becoming a keepsake of the Earth's powerful factions with the vast majority of humans not caring whether they live on a flat, or a round Earth, but interested more in living a better quality of life, something that science cannot really provide to a majority of them, but something that religions seem to be able to, at least, promise to provide.
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