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Programmers and Developers for Peace.

As an alternative to currently existing ways of solving international conflicts that are mostly ineffective, conflicts could, perhaps, be resolved by as many people involved in the conflicts as possible at the grass-root level, by using the input of, virtually, any and all people who are involved in the conflicts.

It could be safely presumed that no one prefers conflicts to living peacefully, but because each of us has a different idea of what "living peacefully" should mean, we try to forward our idea of what living peacefully is over the idea of most other people--in the end there is no wonder that violent conflicts keep on recurring.

To prevent conflicts from occurring, all the differences that there are among people's ideas of what their future should be like could be reconciled in a model, before those differences find an expression in real life violence. Since today international conflicts involve far too many people, it would be impossible to try to reconcile the differences physically at some sort of a roundtable, but it would be possible to do it by using modeling an ideal common future for all involved in a "supercomputer" that would exist on the Internet using "distributed computing". This way there would not be any need for any particular location where the modeling would be taking place.

If you are a programmer, and/or a developer who would be interested in helping to develop this concept of resolving of conflicts in a model, please write: modelearth gmail com MODELEARTH in Subject.

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