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The Evolution of the ModelEarth Concept:
Designing the Future with the Participation of All Who Are Concerned about Our Common Future.


Ever since I was a child, I was resolved that when I'd grow up, I would have a perfect family and a perfect home for us.
This was due to the fact that when I was growing up our family was very far away from being perfect, for many reasons that would be quite pointless to into right now--having not too much bearing on most of the material bellow--and we, all of us together in one place, rarely had anything that could be described as a "perfect home". Ever since I can remember, I was very unhappy about our family not being together for most of the time that I was growing up, and that we never approached having a home no matter what we all tried.
From the very start I remember wanting to have a home that would be as independent of the "system" as possible, but I don't recall why this was so. Perhaps this was a reaction to not liking and trusting the "system", its "wisdom".

* The necessity of such a home being fully ecologically sustainable.
The ultimate stage of a home that would be totally self-sufficient is, naturally, a state where everything needed for life is produced and found at home, which, in turn, means that such a home would be ecologically sustainable--how else would one otherwise insure the continuation of such a home being self-sufficient on a perpetual basis?
* The impossibility of having such a home without the rest of humanity becoming fully ecologically sustainable also.

* The impossibility of the rest of humanity becoming fully ecologically sustainable also without becoming socially sustainable at the same time.

* The impossibility of humanity becoming ecologically and socially truly sustainable without there being a unified, by all agreed upon idea of what "ecologically and socially sustainable" should mean.

* The necessity of having a mechanism, a method that would make the unification of all the ideas of what ecologically and socially sustainable should mean possible.

Ergo: modeling, meditation, gedanken experiments, think tanks, round table mechanisms, etc.--processes that would make such a unification possible.

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