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Designing the Future of the Earth Collectively:
A Grand Unification of All Science Effected by Making All Available Knowledge Useful for Solving Earth's Problems.
(A draft).
(Online at

A Proposal.

Most differences that there might be among people could be resolved in a model, rather than, as it is a common practice, in real life with results that are not always satisfactory.

A desirable future for any geo-social entity could be portrayed in virtuality by using input from anyone who would care to do so, however, it would not be personalities inputted into the model, but rather ideas that would shape this virtual world. A world that would not be much different from our own Earth, except that in this model better ideas1 would "win"/prevail on the basis of defendability from any point of view. Eventually a model of Earth would emerge that would be as close to being ideal as possible, a model that could serve as a basis for real life decisions affecting a satisfactory future.

Any ideas inputted into this virtual Earth would be tested against each other and against all data bases available that hold data pertaining to life on Earth--availability of resources, atmospheric conditions, socio-political conditions, possible demographic trends, etc., etc.

Any and all sciences would find a meaningful application in this model.

This model would unify all the disparate attempts at making the Earth a better place to live by coherently dissolving differences in the ultimate goals of those attempts, projecting all those goals into a virtual reality, where the viability of the which every notion could be tested.

A model that would be thus being created could be the ultimate authority for a broad range of purposes--from government to education--an ultimate authority, because should anyone ever disagree with the portrayal of the virtually optimal conditions for life on Earth as presented in the model, they would have the option to improve on it at any time.

This idea of modeling the future collectively is also presented at
1. Better on the grounds of being more conducive to establishing as optimal conditions for all life on Earth as possible, and on the grounds of compatibility with all the data bases available containing as much about life on Earth as possible.

I would like to extend the license for this proposal to anyone being able to try to present the idea--resolving any differences of any people in a model peacefully, rather than in real life with possibly grave and irreversible consequences--in a clearer way.
Also--if any of the above is unclear, I would very much like (if only for my own edification) discuss any of the above with anyone.

Thank you sincerely -
Mr. Jan Hearthstone (BA Anthro UH at Hilo, May 2002).

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