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Designing a Sustainable Community.

We want to live in a truly ecologicaly and socially sustainable community.
In order to achieve this we have to first know what a "sustainable community" should actually look like, what it should be, because it is impossible to achieve something that we don't know what it is. To wait and see whether a "sustainable community" would happen by a good chance could take for ever, and due to the rapidly deteriorating conditions on this planet we don't have that much time.

We should know into as little a detail as possible what our sustainable community would look like when realized--this would save time and energy spent at arriving at the optimal design by a "hit or miss" method.

A very important thing is to reconcile all the divergent ideas of what each potential member of the sustainable community to be has of what "sustainable" means to them! Anyone's personal ideas that would be ignored would only create problems in the future, and, in an ecologically and socially sustinable society it is impossible to "pass the buck on", to send people with whose ideas we do not agree on to a next community--differences have to be resolved timely and to everyone's satisfaction.

Without knowing what a sustainable community's qualities should be no amount of doing good sustainable deeds would be enough, because how would we ever whether we are approaching the ideal without knowing well what the ideal is?


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