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Defining Ecological and Social Sustainability
(an ongoing draft).

It would not be constructive to try to create yet more definitions of "ecological and/or social sustainability", since there exists many of those already. From the great number of those definitions it could be concluded that to arrive at any precise definitions of "ecological and/or social sustainability" would be difficult, due to the great variety of subjective points of view of ecology and social systems that might make a formulation of universally usable definitions of those quite impossible.

However--what could be attempted is to try to make a few simple, easily understandable "rules of thumb" that could be used by generally any member of the society, not just by specialists only in situations where it would have to decided what would be more eco-socially sustainable and what would not be so. Basically, applying the principle of "parsimony" would be most useful in such situations.

When comparing a several solutions to an environmental and/or a social problem, the solutions that are simpler and easier to understand, even by a non-specialist, should generally be considered more ecologically and/or socially sustainable, as long as there are no participants who are involved in the problems under the consideration whose well-being would be left out of the considerations.

No such solutions should ever create more ecological and/or social problems that would further worsen the overall ecological and social sustainability of the what-so-ever system under consideration.

A general observation pertaining to the sustainability of a solution to problems of sustainability could be that simpler, less complex social structure permits easier monitoring of processes affecting the ecological conditions, and,vice versa, that simpler solutions to ecological sustainability problems require a less complex society to implement those.

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