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The Fallacy of Recycling and Any Such Similar Activities.

In fact, there is something good about recycling and any such similar activities--they buy a little time for us, they soften the deadly assault that we, humans are leading against our home, the Earth, thus postponing the Judgment Day, but those benign activities will never stop, ever revert the environmental degradation. Recycling, buying organically grown, buying used and refurbished goods, etc. would be a good thing to do, if we used the time thus bought to figure out how to really stop the environmental degradation, and how to start healing the damage done already. The statistics show that the damage to our Earth ecosystem keeps on accumulating with consequences that we are afraid to estimate, and that recycling and such similar activities hardly effect the mounting degradation at all. Who today would remember that recycling, eating organically grown food, and such were originally supposed to save the Earth - however unlikely this would seem today to expect of those activities? The original purpose of recycling got forgotten on the way from the days when recycling (and other good things to do) was initiated on a large scale in the sixties and the seventies. Recycling then was to be only a temporary measure that was to be employed only till no recycling would be necessary - till the day when people would live in a benign balance with all other life and themselves, when no waste (to be recycled or otherwise to be disposed of) would be generated at all, when - if one would need to wrap anything for the purposes, say, of transportation, the wrapping itself would be useful for something in one's household upon arrival, etc. This idea of eventually achieving a balance between humans and the rest of the Universe got forgotten and receded into some realms of the consciousness where things that, even though aesthetically pleasing, get shelved away if there is no profit to be made on them.

The discipline of recycling is still being religiously pursued, but as in the case of religions, a dogma replaced an originally beautiful idea, because the idea had no place in the pathological pursuit of one's happiness at the expense of others - the leitmotif of our currently prevalent paradigm. It is obvious that recycling exercised by the many today will not result in the creation of a Paradise-on-Earth, and even the majority of the most intelligent from amongst us (to be found on the campuses of our Universities :-), does not believe in it (it is not intelligent to blindly accept a dogma, no matter how holy the dogma might seem to be), as evidenced by the amount of recyclables that can be found in the trash cans on the campuses at any time.

Eating organically grown food followed a fate similar to that of recycling, with the only difference that while recycling did not prove itself to be much profitable, organically grown food became a lucrative luxury--mostly only the wealthy can pay for organically grown food these days. Thus the Earth will not be saved from the chemical industry by consuming organically (without chemical aid) grown food - the chemical industry is doing better today than ever, because the masses are too busy to make a living to worry about the fate of the Earth--they eat the cheaper, chemically subsidized food in increasing quantities.

What is needed is to resurrect the vision of the Earth as a potential Paradise, and only then, with this idea firmly planted in front of us, our politically correct, dogmatic ecological activities can regain a vital meaning. Our mindless activities of recycling, indulging in the esoteric consumption of organic food, car bashing, and such will re-gain their rightful meaning; pursuit of those activities (along with a number of other good things to do) shall then result in the Earth becoming the most optimal home for humans and all other living things. All that is needed for the realization of this ideal is available. There is no excuse.

Thank you - Hearthstone.

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