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The Natural Right to Live Sustainably:
Humans Still Have a Chance.

A natural right is such that sustains the community; The non-observance of natural rights results in runaway processes that are destructive to the community and life in general.

Physical bodies, in order to live sustainably, require physical space--a piece of earth surface--to do it on.
Paradoxically, people who wish to live sustainably have to start off by supporting the non-sustainable way of life humanity is leading now. They have to gain a control of a piece of Earth surface to live sustainably on by engaging in activities that in themselves are socially and ecologically non-sustainable.

Living sustainably and the way that most humanity is living presently have to be compared side by side in order to see the advantages for humanity and the whole Earth of the former, and the disadvantages of continuing living the way humanity is living now.

It is the difference between Peace and War.

Living sustainably is the essence of Peace.

The current way humanity is living on Earth is only an extension of warfare that humanity has been engaged in perpetually (even living in "peace" is only a time of preparation for the next war) since time immemorial.

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