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Taking Care of the Basics.

Providing of basic needs that are necessary for life, for successfully functioning within the society should no longer be entrusted to the sphere of economics, an arcane discipline that is incomprehensible even to the experts. The access to the basic necessities can not be considered a privilege, nor a handout, but a thing that is necessary for a healthy existence of humankind. Every human's access to the basic needs fulfillment is the sane, sustainable base for life on this planet.

The basic human needs are food, water, and a place to rest and to take care of one's basic necessities--a home. People who are prevented from fulfilling those very basic needs not only suffer themselves, but they also become a burden on the society--people under stress are more likely to become ill (both--physically and mentally), and they are more likely to engage in antisocial activities.

Defining the basics human needs must not be a mere exercise of personal opinions, but has to be backed by showing fully and exhaustively the advantages of having those basics fully attended to; by showing that fulfilling of those basic needs is necessary in order for humanity to become fully sane and fully sustainable.

It is urgent to take care of the basic problems of our society in a transparent and perpetually self-sustainable manner. Merely chasing after symptoms, rather than addressing the root causes of our problems, will never result in any worthwhile achievements.

It must be seen clearly that without assuring the fulfillment of the basic needs of every human the whole society will suffer, and that any and all problems humankind is experiencing will continue to be exacerbated indefinitely, if those problems are not tracked down to where they stem from, and there solved no less than as best as we are capable of.

If we take care of the basic needs now, any future crises yet to come will be easier to bear and deal with. If we don't take care of the basics now, we and our descendants might even never be able to pay for the consequences of not doing so.

This country is responsible for spreading of many ideas globally--for better, or for worse. Now is a chance for doing a really good turn for the whole Earth!

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