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Sustainability Starts at Home.

The focal point of individual family lives is the place where people go to replenish their strength, where people go to heal; it is a place where people can grow their own sustenance--not having to rely on the many middlemen, be those bureaucratic, or any other kind of middlemen, to do something that they themselves can do themselves; it is a place from where people can reign over their entire earthly domain--it is called HOME!

The foregoing is a fiction for most people, but unless it becomes a reality for all humanity, humanity has not arrived yet. When all humans have a home that would be a font of wholesomeness instead of being a source of anxieties , only then humans will have the right to call themselves "sapient", only then we can start calling themselves intelligent.

There is no doubt in my mind that such a home will be transparently sustainable in every aspect and it will be a matter of indisputable right, of societal necessity for everyone to have such a home, unlike today when humanity in its madness considers a home that is less accessible (in price) a good thing to exist.

Indeed, the quest for sustainability should start with everyone having the possibility to start a sustainable home, no matter how humble, right now, before the excesses of our mismanagement result in situations in which we might have a lot of money, but nothing to buy with it--nothing to eat and no things to get from anywhere.

A real home will be a good thing to have in times when laboring for money will not result in obtaining even the basic necessities for life. Having a sustainable home will be more reliable than any kind of welfare. If having a good sustainable home would be the norm, rather than something only the well-to-do have access to, many social ills that are directly, or indirectly connected to most people lacking a really good home will have ceased to exist; to wit: homelessness, poverty (no one would have to hungry, homeless, etc.), and also a lot of criminal behavior--surely assuring that social misfits have the opportunity to take their own "healing" into their own hands would be the first in healing of the society?.

By forever trying to become sustainable with all the little fixes, by introducing more and more laws and rules, we might never become sustainable.

We might have a chance if we start with the basics; the basics start at home.

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